International Review of Accounting, Banking and Finance: Call for Papers

Dear Researchers and Scholars,

International Review of Accounting, Banking and Finance (IRABF), originally launched in 2009, is a peer-reviewed academic journal published quarterly. Indexed in the Journal of Economic Literature (EconLit), we are committed to publishing high quality research. Research articles in all fields of applied finance, accounting, international finance and banking practices are welcome. We wholeheartedly invite you to submit manuscripts when looking for a solid platform for your valuable papers.

Benefits for IRABF authors:

a. Papers are immediately published online after acceptance.

b. Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome.

c. Authors may receive global recognition for their work in financial fields instantly.

Please visit the IRABF website www.irabf.org for submission, where information on our editorial guidelines and ethical policy are available. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly by email at irabf@g2.usc.edu.tw or IRABF_usc@163.com

We would appreciate it if you could pass this information on to your fellow researchers and colleagues.

Best regards,


Beth Cooperman (University of Colorado Denver)

Hung-Gay Fung (University of Missouri St. Louis)

Yu-Li Huang (Shih Chien University)

International Review of Accounting, Banking and Finance (IRABF)